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Today is the official release of the new single of Sarah Mclachlan! The song is called "One Dream." You can download through iTunes. I am extremely happy that Sarah is back!!!!!!!!! A new album will be out in April of 2010 and she is bringing back the Lilith Fair tour for SUMMER 2010. Though for now it will be only in Europe. We will see what happens.

Today In Alternative Music History September 29, 1991

On this day, MTV premiered the video for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." The clip and song have an enormous impact defining the Grunge Movement.

Phrase of the Day

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.

Anais Nin (1903 - 1977)

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Kate used to smoke, but was (usually) very reluctant to show this bad habit in public.

Today In Alternative Music History: September 27, 1979

Blondie's second album Eat To The Beat is released.

Today In Alternative Music History: September 27, 1997

Ocean Colour Scene's album, Marchin' Already hits # 1 in the U.K Charts.

Naming Names: How Bands Got Their Names: The Smithereens

This band got their name becuase of their fondness for Looney Tunes character Yosemite Sam, who was always threatening to blow someone to smithereens.

Nirvana Fun Facts

First Nirvana demo session:

January 23, 1988 at Reciprocal Recording in Seattle, with Dale Crover on drums. the band recorded and mixed ten songs in six hours namely "Floyd the Barber," "Paper Cuts," "Downer," (those tracks ended up on the band's debut album Bleach), "Beeswax," "Mexican Seafood," "HAirspray Queen," "Aero Zeppelin," (later included on Incesticide), "If You Must," "Pen Cp Chew," and an early version of "Spank Thru".

Phrase of the Day

There's so much pollution in the air now that if it weren't for our lungs there'd be no place to put it all.

Robert Orben








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The Discreet Charm of Morrissey

"I do maintain that if your hair is wrong, your entire life is wrong."


This entry and future entries will be facts about Kate Bush, her musical style and idiosyncratic vocal style have made her one of the most respected and sucessful solo female performers of the past 30 years. SO HERE GOES!!!

Kate Bush was born on July 30, 1958

She is a vegetarian though recently has started eating fish.

Phrase of the Day

There is no greater importance in all the world like knowing you are right and that the wave of the world is wrong, yet the wave crashes upon you.

Norman Mailer (1923 - 2007)

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Farmer's Market: A Tradition For Me

During my summer trip to Los Angeles this summer, a place where I stopped by and visited and ate was none other than Farmer's Market . Located on Third Street and Fairfax, this was a place I use to visit as a kid with my parents. We went grocery shopping there as well as eat at the variety of restaurants they have. A Sunday trip to Farmer's Market was always a treat! Going back this summer brought back so many memories. They are celebrating their 75th Anniversary. Here is a history as to how Farmer's Market got started.

******(These pictures I took while I was there this summer)*******
In July 1934 a contingent of farmers pulled their trucks onto an expanse of empty land at the property known as Gilmore Island at the corner of Third and Fairfax in Los Angeles. They displayed their produce on the tailgates of their vehicles, to their delight, customers quickly arrived and parked their cars on a hastily created dirt parking lot in spaces designated with chalk. They strolled among the trucks purchasing fruit, vegetables and flowers.
The atmosphere was casual, the open air commerce enticing, the goods fresh, and the result remarkable. Farmers Market became an instant institution.
With a partner, Arthur Fremont Gilmore purchased two ranches in the Los Angeles vicinity. The purchase inaugurated a string of serendipitous events which not even the far-sighted Gilmore could predict. When Gilmore and his partner elected to dissolve their arrangement, they drew straws - Gilmore's straw secured 256 acres on which he created a successful dairy farm. A.F. Gilmore had no plans for a world-renowned institution when he moved to Los Angeles from Illinois in 1870. Rather, he was seeking a better life on the promising West Coast. When he married Mary Elizabeth Bell in 1882, the small adobe on the property became the new home for his family.
At the turn of the century, while drilling for water for his herd of dairy cows, A.F. Gilmore hit oil. By 1905, the dairy was gone and the Gilmore Oil Company born.

As Farmers Market at Gilmore Island became an international landmark, the property surrounding it grew famous with it. E.B. Gilmore, rarely missed an opportunity. Thus in the 1930s and '40s, he gave Angelenos the opportunity to experience live sporting events.
In 1934, a few months before Farmers Market opened, Gilmore built the first race car track designed specifically for midget car racers, a venue built of love and commercial savvy. Gilmore loved racers and his marketing sense led him to support them as a "demonstration" of Gilmore Oil products.
His romance with cars extended well beyond the construction of Gilmore Stadium. As a sponsor, E.B. Gilmore took vehicles to the Winner's Circle at the Indianapolis 500 in 1935 and 1937. As a patron, he helped establish a land speed record which lasted for eight years. As a businessman, he created "Economy Runs" which evolved into modern stock car racing. In 1987, E.B. Gilmore was elected to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame and in 1992, he was inducted into the Sprint Car Hall of Fame in Knoxville, Iowa.
Gilmore Stadium was also home to the Bulldogs, the first professional football team in Los Angeles. Art Aragon, the Golden Boy of boxing, fought in the 18,000 seat stadium. The site was also used for rodeos, wrestling matches and even swimming. This was also where presidential candidate Harry Truman delivered his famous "stiff upper lip" speech. No sooner had the Gilmore Stadium become a fixture in Los Angeles than E.B. Gilmore acted again. Gilmore Field was constructed in 1938 to accommodate the Hollywood Stars, a minor league professional baseball team of the Pacific Coast League, owned by Bing Crosby, Barbara Stanwyck, and Cecil B. DeMille.
Gilmore Field was perhaps the most intimate baseball venue ever created in a metropolitan area. Home plate was exactly 34 feet from the seats, first and third bases only 24 feet away. Gilmore Field taught a generation of Angelenos to love baseball. The Hollywood Stars popularity created the climate which helped persuade the owners of the Dodgers to move west, before the 1958 season.

In 1918, the next Gilmore generation assumed control of the property. Earl Bell Gilmore, Arthur's son, went on to create a vast oil and gas distribution network. The auto industry was producing more than four million cars each year. With a healthy portion of those headed for California and Los Angeles, Gilmore's independent oil company became the largest in the West.
Gilmore's flair for promotion made his gas stations a popular part of the Western landscape. "Blu-Green" gas, the famous "Red Lion", "Gas-a-terias" (the first self-serve stations), and radio jingles which people hummed, were examples of his successful promotions.
Roger Dahlhjelm and Fred Beck, two entrepreneurs trying to make the best of the Depression, approached E.B. Gilmore with "An Idea." Perhaps they were attracted by Gilmore's marketing flair or perhaps it was his expansive acreage in close proximity to the booming Los Angeles community.
Whatever the motivation, Dahlhjelm and Beck envisioned a "Village Square" where artisans would sell handmade goods - pottery, furniture, textiles. Their stalls would surround a central market where farmers would sell their produce to housewives. Dahlhjelm and Beck had architectural renderings and a vast vision. E.B. Gilmore had a large vacant field, and the "Idea" was given life.
The concept of elaborate architecture gave way to wooden stalls, and the vast vision gave way to a modest business approach. Farmers were charged a mere 50¢ per day "rent" - but the "Idea" had a power all its own.
Farmers Market reached and surpassed the lofty vision which launched it. By the time the decade had lapsed, the gross was greater than the predicted six million dollars, but commercial volume was the least of the Market's achievements.
Farmers Market became the central meeting place for Angelenos - "Meet me at 3rd and Fairfax" is still one of the most common phrases in the city. It also became, and remains, the must-see tourist attraction in Southern California.
Farmers Market has been the home to circus acts, parades, petting zoos, and "stargazing". It was also the source of a daily newspaper column which, at its height, rivaled "Dick Tracy" in popularity. Chef Baloni, the irrepressible Fred Beck, made his home here and offered cooking tips and Farmers Market recipes.
As a part of an expansion and reconstruction project in 1941, Farmers Market became the home of the Clock Tower, which has become an international landmark. In tribute to Earl B. Gilmore, Roger Dahlhjelm, and Fred Beck, the words "An Idea" were inscribed on the Clock Tower.
At the turn of the millennium, the one-time dairy farm adapted once again. Following years of careful planning, the A.F. Gilmore Company completed an arrangement to develop several acres of property into one of the most delightful, and amazingly popular, shopping and entertainment venues in the nation. The Grove, developed by Caruso Affiliated Holdings, features a wonderful array of stores, restaurants, the finest movie theater complex anywhere, and a streetscape which is inviting, friendly, and specifically designed for strolling. At the same time, the Gilmore Company created North Market, now home to the ultra-modern Gilmore Bank building, a number of street-level shops, and two stories of offices. While these new additions have greatly enhanced the experience, which draws millions of visitors to Farmers Market, the Market itself remains what it has always been – a delightful and utterly charming place to meet, eat, shop, and stroll.
Now entering its eighth decade as one of the most popular places anywhere in the U.S., Farmers Market remains "An Idea" whose time is now.

Dining at Farmers Market is an experience unlike any other. The Market’s restaurants offer a whole world of cuisine, all of it as fresh as can be. In many cases, Market chefs are so talented that food critics have paid them high praise (we’ve noted those with Critic Favorite). Some restaurants offer seating and table service; those that don’t are immediately adjacent to the Market’s many open air patios featuring ample seating. There’s additional seating upstairs (near the Market offices) on the Dining Deck, too.
*The Market shops designated with this symbol feature open kitchens; you can watch the butchers, bakers, and chefs at work while you wait for your order.
A full compliment of beers (including brands not available just anywhere) and a good wine selection make this spot the favorite “local” hang-out at the Market. The after work ambiance here is friendly and fun.

Bob’s Coffee & Doughnuts*
An L.A. institution: fresh, made-right-here doughnuts every day and a select variety of premium coffees and teas. Kids love the specialty doughnuts (dinosaurs and kitties) and everybody raves about Bob’s cinnamon roll. (Critic Favorite)

Bryan’s Pit Barbecue*
Excellent Texas-style beef, pork and chicken dishes (dinners and sandwiches always available) and savory side dishes. Locals often ask the guys behind the counter for a container of the barbecue sauce – it’s that good.
Charlie’s Coffee Shop*
A great spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. No matter what you order – the exquisite French Toast or a great sandwich, burgers & fries or a steak sandwich – expect to hear the gang behind the counter bellow your name when your order is ready.
China Depot
Manny & Angie Chang and their family have been serving tasty Chinese dishes at this shop for decades. Regulars come back again and again for wonderful chicken and pork dishes and some swear there’s something special about the rice, too.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, the gourmet restaurant where you eat with your hands, dishes up gourmet burritos, tacos, and bols (yes bol - it's a burrito without the tortilla!). Choose from a variety of fresh, whole ingredients, such as Niman Ranch free-range pork and guacamole mashed from ripe California avocados, to built the perfect burrito of your dreams. All for around six bucks.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Enjoy great coffees, teas and blended concoctions from this Market version of the very popular coffee houses and then sip to your heart’s content at one of the terrific patio tables which are available on the Market Plaza (great people watching).

Coffee Corner
A Market gem, serving coffee, teas, fruit drinks and freshly baked muffins and rolls throughout the day. This shop is a local favorite and it has been part of the Market scene for ages. Owner Lillian Sears started her career here as the counter staff – these days, she’s still pouring the friendliest cup of coffee in town. See interview with Lillian Sears.
Deano’s Gourmet Pizza*
All the right stuff: great ingredients prepared to be as tasteful and as healthy as possible. Lots of low fat and low-cal fixin’s which Deano cooks to be even healthier (the sausage, for instance, is as light as sausage can be) – the result is one great tasting pizza. Lots of other Italian dishes here, too, one reason the place is very popular when crowds gather for West Patio music.

Du-par’s Restaurant
Perhaps the quintessential “local favorite,” Du-par’s has been around almost as long as the Market itself. Outstanding breakfast fare (the great debate: is the French Toast better than the pancakes, or the other way around), famous pot pies, great baked goods. Some believe the phrase “comfort food” was created to describe Du-par’s. And, it’s open 24 hours so you can satisfy your Du-par’s craving anytime, day or night. (Critic Favorite)

E.B.’s Beer & Wine
Serving marvelous beers (some on tap) and pouring from an ever-changing world-wide wine list, E.B.’s is also the host of the Market’s music presentations on the West Patio. Named for Market founder Earl Bell Gilmore, E.B.’s is a great afternoon meeting spot and one of the coolest early night spots anywhere in L.A.

The French Crepe Company*
Authentic French cuisine lives here: light and luscious crepes (breakfast, lunch or dinner), magnificent sandwiches (warm and cold), all prepared to your order and all infused with that certain special touch which makes French food so delightful. (Critic Favorite)

The Gumbo Pot
Simply perfect Cajun cooking has made this spot an all-time favorite for locals and visitors alike. The beignets are phenomenal (try them drizzled with chocolate!), the gumbo is fantastic, the po’boys are perfect. Be warned: when they tell you that the blackened dishes (fish, chicken, shrimp, even a meat loaf po’boy) are hot, they speak the truth. (Critic Favorite)

Johnny Rockets
Good old rock and roll permeates the patio here (table and patio seating available) and good old rock and roll dishes fill the menu: burgers & fries, a full array of sandwiches, and great breakfasts, too. Blue jeans, poodle skirts and duck-tail cuts not required.

La Korea
Real and really good Korean fare – sample the barbecued meat or chicken, to be sure, but don’t neglect some of the best vegetables ever served. Try a neat deal insiders know and love: buy a great steak next door at Marconda’s Meats and the folks at La Korea will prepare it to your exact specifications.
The fare here is Mexican, but it is decidedly not typical: Chef Jimmy Shaw’s fare is genuine Mexican, built on family recipes which generations have tested and perfected. Lighter than typical Mexican fare and infinitely more flavorful, the entire menu is absolutely unique – and utterly delicious. (Critic Favorite)

Magee’s Kitchen
THE Original Market restaurant– when farmers first parked trucks at Farmers Market, Blanche Magee thought they might like to have lunch, so she filled a picnic hamper and started feeding them. Today, folks still line up for outstanding roast or corned beef, tempting turkey and marvelous ham platters. Magee’s horse radish is homemade and fantastic, too, and the cole slaw is equally good. See interview with Phyllis Magee.

Market Grill
Home to a BLT which is nothing less than perfect, great burgers and hot dogs, and chicken dishes which are fresh and flavorful. The side dishes are as good as the main courses and the slaw is really special.

Marmalade Café
Choose indoor seating in a lovely restaurant or take a patio table and watch the world go by; either way, the complete breakfast, lunch and dinner menu here is great. The salads are generous, the sandwiches enormous and there’s a full bar, too.
Moishe’s Restaurant
The finest Mediterranean food anywhere, bar none: the gyros are almost too good, the chicken dishes are truly wonderful (try the chicken shwarma sandwich for lunch), the lamb dishes are top-of-the-line and there is a growing contingent of fans who are convinced that the hummus here is the best anybody has ever made. (Critic Favorite)

Mr. Marcel Pain Vin Et Fromage
Some swear that this charming French restaurant was lifted and moved, lock stock and barrel, from Paris. The quiches are perfection, the coq au vin is heaven, the steaks (with a choice of three dressings) are tres magnifique. A full and carefully chosen wine list is always available. Locals tend to favor a stool at the bar for wine and cheese. (Critic Favorite)

Pampas Grill
No cafeteria anywhere can compete with this churrascaría – move down the line to select from an amazing assortment of side dishes (salads, corn, pastas, and much more) and finish at the main course station: slowly turning beef steak, lamb, chicken (the bacon wrapped chicken is unbelievably good). You pick exactly what you desire and the serving size you want. Among the newer Market choices, Pampas is also one of the most popular. (Critic Favorite)

Patsy D’Amore’s Pizza
Before Patsy introduced it, nobody in Los Angeles had ever even heard of pizza. The most authentic pizza anywhere, Patsy’s pizza is still baked in the original brick oven with toppings as varied as you wish. Outstanding lasagna and spaghetti, too. Don’t visit without checking out the magnificent photos on the walls (the shot of Patsy and Frank Sinatra is as delicious as the food). (Critic Favorite)

Peking Kitchen
This is one of those places which proves the rule – if folks are standing at the counter waiting for the food, there must be a good reason. There is: the traditional Chinese menu here is alive with great tastes – pork and beef and chicken, a great array of vegetables, all seasoned to be full of flavor without overpowering the natural flavors.

Phil’s Deli & Grill
Just like the good old days: great counter seating (or carry away to a patio table) and the perfect diner menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner): huge sandwiches, luscious burgers and hot dogs, and deli fare worthy of New York. The Philly steak sandwich here impresses even natives of that city.PinkberryFrozen yogurt at its finest. Start with two tasty flavors (original, Green Tea) and then add your own favorite fruits and berries for a scrumptious treat. Smoothies, too. Pinkberry is all the rage one taste will tell you why.

The Refresher
The perfect Farmers Market shop: a cute little place tucked away in a corner, but such a selection. They have soft drinks you’ve never heard of, and soft drinks you’ve wished you could taste again after years of deprivation. This place even has house specials (try the house root beer or flavored cola and you’ll be spoiled for anything else forever more).
The Salad Bar
Build your own salad from a complete selection of the freshest possible ingredients. Pair your salad with soup if you wish, but whether you want soup or salad or both, do not leave the counter without a smoothie – they make them right on the spot and there’s none better.

Singapore’s Banana Leaf
An astonishing offering of original recipes grace the only restaurant of its kind in Los Angeles. Chicken, fish, vegetarian dishes ranging from spicy to mild, all prepared with strict obedience to the family’s time-tested recipes and, usually, served on a banana leaf (of course). Locals just love this place. (Critic Favorite)
Blend it, brew it, froth it, flavor it – the world’s most famous coffee bar offers everything with great style, excellent service and, of course, their own vocabulary.
Sushi A Go Go
Some believe this place is a miracle: it is the smallest shop in Farmers Market, turning out the most flavorful sushi anywhere. This tiny spot has what many assert is the finest shrimp sushi ever to cross a counter; most who visit walk away with a full sampling of the freshest,finest Japanese treats available. (Critic Favorite)

Tusquellas Fish & Oyster Bar
Shrimp or crab salad, freshly grilled fresh catch (ask at the counter – what they have today is what you want today) and side dishes so good that some order double portions. There are two varieties of fish & chips, each with fiercely dedicated fans; locals insist that the tuna salad here is the best, period.

Ulysses Voyage
The Greek cuisine here is rich, varied and a challenge (selecting just one dish from the menu here is not an easy chore). The lamb dishes are exceptionally well-prepared, the traditional Greek fare is authentic and cooked to perfection; sit inside near a lovely fireplace and enjoy a drink or take a patio table and dine while you take in the energy and fun of the Market Plaza.
The VillageMoishe (of Moishe’s Restaurant)
visited Europe and discovered a sensation sweeping the food world: part sandwich, sort of like a pizza, oven-baked to order, the pedeh is rich in flavor, lighter than traditional sandwiches and open-faced (so the rich flavors are always primary). There’s a breakfast version available as well as a wide range of selection perfect for lunch or dinner. Try one – you’ll probably end up trying several.
For more information just go to their website.
Open Everyday
Monday-Friday, 9 am to 9 pm
Saturday, 9 am to 8 pm
Sunday, 10 am to 7 pm
Some merchant hours may vary
6333 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-9211

Phrase of the Day

Don't do what you want. Do what you don't want. Do what you're trained not to want. Do the things that scare you the most.

Chuck Palahniuk (1962 - )



1. Massive Attack - Splitting The Atom (EP)

2. A Place To Bury Strangers - Exploding Head

3. Muse - The Resistance

4. Black Poets - Innocents and Thieves

5. Gene - Olympian

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Phrase of the Day

In great affairs people show themselves as they wish to be seen; in small things they show themselves as they are.

Nicholas Chamfort (1741 - 1794)

Today In Alternative Music History: September 14, 1996

On this day Suede hit UK #1 with their album Coming Up.

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"I'm not aware of drawing on anything. The thing I'm aware of when writing a song is talking to somebody."

Tom Verlaine

Television were the least commericially succesful major band to come out of the punk scene that they help create at CBGB's in New York City. But their greatest achievement was their debut album Marquee Moon. It was as good if not better than Patti Smith's Horses or Talking Head's debut.

After going from label to label , they signed on to Elektra Records in 1976. Television at the time had no bassist because Richard Hell left to form the Heartbreakers with Johnny Thunders. Bassist Fred Smith stepped in and was a perfect fit.

The result was a guitar album like no other! It left the bluesy sound that was dominatng rock guitar since the 60s. Television created something that was quite different. Tracks like "See No Evil" with Verlaine and Richard Lloyd tangle their guitar leads into a sprial of street culture. The title track, which is 11 minutes long, led to some to compare it to a hippie song but it had nothing to do with flower power, just power! It is highly considered one of the first albums in the post punk scene.

Marquee Moon received so-so reviews from the public but was hailed by critics all over. One of them was Nick Kent who worked for NME and he enthusiastically wrote, "the songs are some of the greatest ever."

I highly and implore you to get a copyof this album. It sounds fresh today as it did back in 1977.


Tom Verlaine - lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Richard Lloyd - guitar, vocals
Fred Smith - bass, vocals
Billy Ficca - drums

Release Date

February 8, 1977


1. See No Evil
2. Venus
3. Friction
4. Marquee Moon
5. Elevation
6. Guiding Light
7. Prove It
8. Torn Curtain

Phrase of the Day

Be modest! It is the kind of pride least likely to offend.

Jules Renard (1864 - 1910)

The Discreet Charm Of Morrissey

"I'm no rock star. I'm here by complete default".

Naming Names: How Bands Got Their Names: The Jam

The Jam's name originated with it's members jamming during their school lunch hour.

Nirvana Fun Facts

Early Names of Nirvana :

1. Skid Row

2. Ted Ed Fred

3. Bliss

4. Throat Oyster

5. Pen Cap Chew

6. Windowpane



1. Backspacer - Pearl Jam

2. Athlete - Black Swan

3. The Clientele - Bonfires On The Heath

4. Little Dragon - Machine Dreams

5. Kitchens of Distinction - Strange Free World

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Things That Make You Say, "Hmmmmm...."

Here's a movie trivia fact.

In the movie "Pulp Fiction" all the clocks read 4:20.

Phrase of the Day

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

Carl Jung (1875 - 1961)

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Phrase Of The Day

Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

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Born On This Day: Chrissie Hynde, September 7, 1952

Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders turns 57 today!!!!

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Born On This Day: Nina Persson, September 6, 1974

Today is Nina Perrson's Birthday!!! She is the lead singer of the Cardigans and as a solo artist she is known as A Camp.

Born On This Day: Dolores O' Riordan, September 6, 1972

Today is Dolores O' Riordan's (lead singer of the Cranberries) birthday.

Today In Alternative Music History: September 6, 1980

The Jam hit U.K. 45 at #1 with their single "Start".

The Discreet Charm Of Morrissey

"Age gives you a great sense of proportion. You can be very hard on yourself when you're younger but now I just think 'well everybody's absolutely mad and I'm doing quite well".

SUNDAY'S TOP 5: September 6, 2009


1. The Cribs - Ignore The Ignorant

2. Marina and the Diamonds - The Crown Jewels (EP)

3. Ida Maria - Fortress Round My Heart

4. Arctic Monkeys - Humbug

5. Th' Faith Healers - Lido

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Phrase of The Day

Anger at lies lasts forever. Anger at truth can't last .

Greg Evans