lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

Passing Through

Was just passing through my web site and I suddenly realised that I have not posted anything since August! I do apologise for leaving you hanging. I have been very active with My Facebook Page as well as my Twitter account, that I have left this by the wayside. I need to bring this back up to speed again. I ask for your patience. Things have been pretty busy of late and I have been dealing with personal issues, one being the death of my father and then going back to work and being swamped with the workload. Apart from doing the Saturday night radio show I have aso been doign ONLINE radio shows with at least three different shows. I am not making excuses. Just letting you know where I have been at and why I haven't been posting here frequently. THank you to al of the vistors that come by here everyday and check my web page. Have a great day ,afternoon , or evening whenever or whever you may be.