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Two Birthdays I Missed!

Yesterday, May 28, two alternative artists celebrated birthdays. Noel Gallagher who was born in 1967 in Manchester, England and Danny Elfman who was born in 1953 in Los Angeles California.

Born On This Day: Tom Morello, May 30, 1964

The guitar player for Rage Against The Machine celebrates his 46th birthday. Thomas Baptiste Morello was born in New York City.

Born On This Day: Topper Headon, May 30,1955

The former drummer of The Clash has a birthday today. Topper was born in Bromley, Kent, England.

Today In Alternative Music History: May 30, 1990

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the infamous “special guerrilla action” on the streets in front of the towering Exxon building in New York City by Alt Rock act Midnight Oil.

On May 30, 1990, the Aussie rockers — who were in New York to play three nights at Radio City Music Hall during the Blue Sky Mining tour — pulled up in front of Exxon’s Sixth Avenue headquarters on a flatbed truck, unfurled a banner that read “Midnight Oil makes you dance, Exxon oil makes us sick” and proceeded to play a 30-minute lunch-hour set. (”I love it when the suits clap,” frontman Peter Garrett famously said.)

According to a New York Times account of the brief streetside concert, Garrett chastised Exxon for not doing more to clean up the oil that remained in Alaska’s Prince William Sound following the March 24, 1989, spill. Garrett told the crowd: ”We can’t treat the world like a garbage dump, and there’s more to life than profit and loss.”

jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Phrase Of The Day

Political advertising ought to be stopped. It's the only really dishonest kind of advertising that's left.

David M. Ogilvy

Word Of The Day

vibrissa • \vye-BRISS-uh\ • noun

*1 : one of the stiff hairs that are located especially about the nostrils or on other parts of the face in many mammals and that often serve as tactile organs
2 : one of the bristly feathers near the mouth of many and especially insectivorous birds that may help to prevent the escape of insects
Example Sentence:
The manatee’s prehensile lips are studded with vibrissae that it uses to discriminate between food plants and also to manipulate those plants.
Did you know?
The whiskers of a cat qualify as vibrissae (that’s the plural of "vibrissa"), as do the hairlike feathers around the bill of some birds -- especially the insect-feeding kind. And when scientists first used "vibrissa" in the late 17th century, they used the word to refer specifically to the hairs inside the human nostril. Science got this word, as it has many others, from Latin. "Vibrissa" comes from "vibrare," which means all of the following: "to brandish," "to wave," "to rock," and "to propel suddenly." Other "vibrare" descendents in English include "vibrate," "vibrato," and "veer."

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.

Born On This Day: Sean Kinney May 27, 1966

The drummer for Alice in Chains celebrates a birthday today. Sean was born in Renton, Washington.

Born On This Day: Siouxsie Sioux, May 27,1957

The former singer of Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Creatures has a birthday today. Siouxsie was born Susan Janet Ballion in London England.

martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

Born On This Day: Paul Weller, May 25, 1958

The ex-vocalist or The Jam and The Style Council and current solo artist has a birthday today. Paul was born in Woking, Surrey, England.

domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010

May 23: Major Events in History

I found this interesting about the things that have happened in history on May 23rd (My Birthday!!!)

1430 – Siege of Compiègne: Joan of Arc is captured by the Burgundians while leading an army to relieve Compiègne.
1498 – Girolamo Savonarola is burned at the stake in Florence, Italy, on the orders of Pope Alexander VI.
1533 – The marriage of King Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon is declared null and void.
1568 – The Netherlands declare their independence from Spain.
1568 – Dutch rebels led by Louis of Nassau, brother of William I of Orange, defeat Jean de Ligne, Duke of Aremberg and his loyalist troops in the Battle of Heiligerlee, opening the Eighty Years' War.
1609 – Official ratification of the Second Charter of Virginia takes place.
1618 – The Second Defenestration of Prague precipitates the Thirty Years' War.
1701 – After being convicted of piracy and of murdering William Moore, Captain William Kidd is hanged in London.
1706 – Battle of Ramillies: John Churchill, the 1st Duke of Marlborough, defeats a French army under Marshal Villeroi.
1788 – South Carolina ratifies the Constitution as the 8th American state.
1805 – Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned King of Italy with the Iron Crown of Lombardy in the Cathedral of Milan.
1813 – South American independence leader Simón Bolívar enters Mérida, leading the invasion of Venezuela, and is proclaimed El Libertador ("The Liberator").
1829 – Accordion patent granted to Cyrill Demian in Vienna.
1844 – Declaration of the Báb: a merchant of Shiraz announces that he is a Prophet and founds a religious movement that would later be brutally crushed by the Persian government. He is considered to be a forerunner of the Bahá'í Faith, and Bahá'ís celebrate the day as a holy day.
1846 – Mexican-American War: President Mariano Paredes of Mexico unofficially declares war on the United States.
1863 – Organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Battle Creek, Michigan.
1863 – The Siege of Port Hudson takes place.
1863 – American Civil War: Sergeant William Harvey Carney becomes the first African American to be awarded the Medal of Honor, for his heroism in the Assault on the Battery Wagner.
1873 – The Canadian Parliament establishes the North West Mounted Police, the forerunner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
1907 – The unicameral Parliament of Finland gathers for its first plenary session.
1911 – The New York Public Library is dedicated.
1915 – World War I: Italy joins the Allies after they declare war on Austria-Hungary.
1923 – Launch of Belgium's SABENA airline.
1929 – The first talking cartoon of Mickey Mouse, "The Karnival Kid", is released.
1934 – American bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde are ambushed by police and killed in Black Lake, Louisiana.
1934 – The Auto-Lite Strike culminates in the "Battle of Toledo", a five-day melée between 1,300 troops of the Ohio National Guard and 6,000 picketers.
1939 – The U.S. Navy submarine USS Squalus sinks off the coast of New Hampshire during a test dive, causing the death of 24 sailors and two civilian technicians. The remaining 32 sailors and one civilian naval architect are rescued the following day.
1945 – World War II: Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, commits suicide while in Allied custody.
1945 – World War II: The Flensburg government under Reichspräsident Karl Dönitz is dissolved when its members are captured and arrested by British forces at Flensburg in Northern Germany.
1949 – The Federal Republic of Germany is established and the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany is proclaimed.
1951 – Tibetans sign the Seventeen Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet with the People's Republic of China.
1958 – Explorer 1 ceases transmission.
1967 – Egypt closes the Straits of Tiran and blockades the port of Eilat at the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba to Israeli shipping, laying the foundations for the Six Day War.
1995 – Oklahoma City bombing: In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the remains of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building are imploded.
1995 – The first version of the Java programming language is released.
1998 – The Good Friday Agreement is accepted in a referendum in Northern Ireland with 75% voting yes.
2002 – The "55 parties" clause of the Kyoto protocol is reached after its ratification by Iceland.
2004 – Part of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport's Terminal 2E collapses, killing four people and injuring three others.
2005 – The fastest roller coaster in the world, Kingda Ka opens at Six Flags Great Adventure.
2006 – Alaskan stratovolcano Mount Cleveland erupts.
2008 – The International Court of Justice (ICJ) awards Middle Rocks to Malaysia and Pedra Branca (Pulau Batu Puteh) to Singapore, ending a 29-year territorial dispute between the two countries.

May 23: World Turtle Day

The purpose of World Turtle Day, May 23, sponsored yearly since 2000 by American Tortoise Rescue, is to bring attention to, and increase knowledge of and respect for, turtles and tortoises, and encourage human action to help them survive and thrive.

Turtle Day is celebrated worldwide in a variety of ways, from dressing up as turtles to saving turtles caught on highways, to research activities.

Here is an Article from the the Washington Post:

Turtles are one of the most charming symbols of America's native wildlife. May 23 has been designated World Turtle Day to bring attention to the needs of these creatures and highlight what we can to do help them survive and thrive.
As interesting as turtles can be to watch, they don't make good pets at home or in the classroom. While turtle and reptile ownership is growing, turtles and other reptiles carry Salmonella bacteria, which can be transmitted to people and cause serious illness or even death. Direct contact with the animal is not necessary to get sick because Salmonella can live on surfaces for days.
Because of the health risks, selling small turtles as pets has been illegal since 1975. Still, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 74,000 people get Salmonella infections from reptiles and amphibians each year, accounting for six percent of Salmonella cases in the United States. Children and the elderly are especially at risk. In addition to the health risks, turtles and other reptiles have specific dietary and habitat needs that most owners cannot meet.
The population of turtles is declining for many reasons, including pollution, building in the places they live, and the large number taken out of the wild to become pets.
What can you do for turtles?
Protect Turtle Habitat. Become active in your local conservation commission or parks and recreation department, and work to preserve turtle habitat.
Don't Pollute or Litter. Pollution makes its way into bodies of water and wild areas, poisoning turtles and destroying their habitats. Reduce the amount of garbage you produce, and dispose of it properly.
Give Turtles a Brake. If you see a turtle crossing a road, gently pick him up by the edge of his shell and carry him across in the direction he was headed. (Be watchful for cars in the process.) If the turtle is a large one, or a snapping turtle, use a stick to nudge him gently across the road without getting too close. Never pick up a turtle by his tail and always wash your hands after handling any turtle.
Enjoy Turtles in the Wild. Never keep wild turtles as pets or buy them from a pet store. Learn to enjoy turtles by observing them in their natural habitat, where they belong. If turtles live in your yard, keep them happy by building a pond and by landscaping with plants that provide protection and food.
Don't Release Pets into the Wild. If you already have a pet turtle that you can no longer take care of, contact your local animal shelter for assistance.
Spread the Word. Educate others about the importance of protecting turtles from commercial exploitation and abuse in your community and throughout the world. Be a voice for turtles.
What has The HSUS done for turtles?
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is spearheading a project to determine whether box turtles can be directed away from potentially lethal road surfaces and to existing culverts by means of fencing. The HSUS was contacted by a concerned citizen living in western Maryland who, over the last few years, had noticed a number of Eastern box turtles killed along a rural road near her home. With the permission of the county roads department, an adjacent state park, and local landowners, The HSUS and a group of volunteers erected fencing to guide turtles to two existing culverts under the road. This was a first-ever attempt and, if successful, could help to save populations of this declining species throughout its range.
"After five weekends of work and hundreds of volunteer hours, 9,000 feet of fencing was staked, stapled and anchored with soil, leaves and rocks to guide box turtles and other wildlife to one of two culverts under the road," said Susan Hagood, wildlife issues specialist for The HSUS. "We hope to determine the effectiveness of the project over the next few months, and in fact, some small mammals are already using the culverts."
Fun Turtle Facts
Turtles have been around since the age of the dinosaurs -- two hundred million years ago.
Some turtles can live for more than a century.
Like birds, turtles have beaks but not teeth.
Some species of turtles that live under water have soft shells and long noses.
Box turtles spend the winter underground, digging further as the weather becomes colder.
Desert tortoises spend the summer underground, but somehow know when rain is approaching and sometimes emerge to dig a shallow hole to catch it.
There are about 250 species of turtles and tortoises, ranging from the tiny three-inch bog turtle of eastern North America to the seven-foot-long, one-ton leatherback sea turtle of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. There are freshwater turtles, sea turtles who live in oceans, and tortoises—turtles who live on land.The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest animal protection organization representing more than nine million members and constituents. The non-profit organization is a mainstream voice for animals, with active programs in companion animals and equine protection, disaster preparedness and response, wildlife and habitat protection, animals in research and farm animal welfare. The HSUS protects all animals through education, investigation, litigation, legislation, advocacy, and field work. The group is based in Washington and has numerous field representatives across the country. On the web at

ON THIS DAY, 11 YEARS AGO: May 23, 1999

This day marks the 11th anniversary of the death of professional wrestler Owen Hart.

On May 23, 1999, Hart fell to his death in Kansas City, Missouri during the Over the Edge pay-per-view event. Hart was in the process of being lowered via harness and grapple line into the ring from the rafters of Kemper Arena for a booked Intercontinental Championship match against The Godfather. In keeping with the Blazer's new "buffoonish superhero" character, he was to begin a dramatic entrance, being lowered to just above ring level, at which time he would act "entangled", then release himself from the safety harness and fall flat on his face for comedic effect—this necessitated the use of a quick release mechanism. It was an elaboration on a Blue Blazer stunt done previously on the Sunday Night Heat before Survivor Series in 1998.

This time, however, something went wrong with the stunt harness, apparently triggering the release mechanism early as he was being lowered. Hart fell 78 feet (24 m) into the ring, landing chest-first on the top rope, approximately a foot from the nearest turnbuckle, throwing him into the ring. Following the fall, a dazed Hart managed to sit up in the ring, before losing consciousness. Owen had initially planned to descend from the rafters with a midget wrestler scissored between his legs. Had this been the case, both men would likely have been killed. The idea was nixed only hours before the event.

Hart had performed the stunt only a few times before and was worried about performing the stunt at the Kemper Arena due to the height involved. Hart's wife Martha has suggested that, by moving around to get comfortable with both the harness and his cape on, Hart unintentionally triggered an early release. TV viewers at home did not see the incident or its aftermath—at the moment of the fall, a pre-taped vignette was being shown on the pay-per-view broadcast as well as on the monitors in the darkened arena. After, while Hart was being worked on by medical personnel inside the ring, the live event's broadcast showed only the audience. Meanwhile, WWF television announcer Jim Ross repeatedly told those watching live on pay-per-view that what had just transpired was not a wrestling angle or storyline and that Hart was hurt badly, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation. Hart was transported to Truman Medical Center in Kansas City, where he was pronounced dead on arrival; some believe he died in the ring. The cause was later revealed to be internal bleeding from a severed aorta.

Born On This Day: Tristan Prettyman, May 23, 1982

The singer/songwriter has a birthday today. Tristan was born in Del Mar, California.

Word Of The Day

defalcation • \dee-fal-KAY-shun\ • noun

*1 : the act or an instance of embezzling
2 : a failure to meet a promise or an expectation
Example Sentence:
"'She made off with the money, an act of defalcation that disqualifies her from receiving a bankruptcy discharge,' the judge ruled." (Orlando Sentinel, March 21, 2004)
Did you know?
"The tea table shall be set forth every morning with its customary bill of fare, and without any manner of defalcation." No reference to embezzlement there! This line, from a 1712 issue of Spectator magazine, is an example of the earliest, and now archaic, sense of "defalcation," which is simply defined as "curtailment." "Defalcation" is ultimately from the Latin word "falx," meaning "sickle" (a tool for cutting), and it has been a part of English since the 1400s. It was used early on of monetary cutbacks (as in "a defalcation in their wages"), and by the 1600s it was used of most any sort of financial reversal (as in "a defalcation of public revenues"). Not till the mid-1800s, however, did "defalcation" refer to breaches of trust that cause a financial loss, or, specifically, to embezzlement.

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.

Phrase of The Day

I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education.

Wilson Mizner (1876 - 1933)

SUNDAY'S TOP 5: MAY 23, 2010







Born On This Day: Phil Selway, May 23, 1967

The drummer for Radiohead celebrates a birthday today. Phil was born in Abingdon, Berkshire, England.

Born On This Day: Jewel, May 23, 1974

The singer/songwriter has a birthday today. Jewel Kilcher was born in Payson, Utah.

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Born On This Day: Morrissey, May 22, 1959

Today marks the birthday of Morrissey!!!! Steven Patrick Morrissey was born in Davyhulme, Lancashire, England.

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Word of the Day

bully pulpit • \BULL-ee-PULL-pit\ • noun

: a prominent public position (as a political office) that provides an opportunity for expounding one's views; also : such an opportunity
Example Sentence:
Mariah has used her position on the city council as a bully pulpit to denounce the corruption in the mayor’s office.
Did you know?
"Bully pulpit" comes from the 26th U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt, who observed that the White House was a bully pulpit. For Roosevelt, "bully" was an adjective meaning "excellent" or "first-rate" -- not the noun "bully" ("a blustering browbeating person") that's so common today. Roosevelt understood the modern presidency's power of persuasion and recognized that it gave the incumbent the opportunity to exhort, instruct, or inspire. He took full advantage of his bully pulpit, speaking out about the danger of monopolies, the nation's growing role as a world power, and other issues important to him. Since the 1970s, "bully pulpit" has been used as a term for an office -- especially a political office -- that provides one with the opportunity to share one's views.

Born On This Day: Jane Wiedlin, May 20,1958

The guitarist for the Go-Go's has a birthday today. Jane Marie Geneviere Wiedlin was born in Oconomowac, Wisconsin. Her family moves to Los Angeles when she was six.

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Born On This Day: Andre The Giant, May 19, 1946

Today would have marked the 64th birthday of this French professional wrestler. He was born In Grenoble, France. Andre the Giant was known as the "Eighth Wonder Of the World," because of his enormous size. He stood at 7'4" and weighed 540 lbs. His great size was a result of acromegaly. Andre's birth name was André René Roussimoff . André was mentioned in the 1974 Guinness Book of World Records as the highest paid wrestler in history up to that time. He had earned $400,000 in one year alone during the early 1970s. He wrestled for The World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Andre was an outstanding wrestler. He never backed down from anyone. Andre passed away André died at the age of 46 in his sleep of a heart attack on January 27, 1993, in a Paris hotel room. He was in Paris to attend the funeral of his father. André's body was cremated in accordance with his wishes and his ashes scattered at his ranch in Ellerbe, North Carolina.

Born On This Day: Joey Ramone, May 19, 1952

Today would have been the singer of the Ramones' birthday. Happy Birthday Joey!!!

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Word Of The Day

gravamen • \gruh-VAY-mun\ • noun

: the material or significant part of a grievance or complaint
Example Sentence:
The gravamen of Walter's letter to the editor was that the newspaper frequently reported on the school system's failures but rarely covered its successes and improvements.
Did you know?
"Gravamen" is not a word you hear every day, but it does show up occasionally in modern-day publications. It comes from the Latin verb "gravare," meaning "to burden," and ultimately from the Latin adjective "gravis," meaning "heavy." Fittingly, "gravamen" refers to the part of a grievance or complaint that gives it weight or substance. In legal contexts, "gravamen" is used, synonymously with "gist," to refer to the grounds on which a legal action is sustainable. "Gravis" has given English several other weighty words, including "gravity," "grieve," and the adjective "grave," meaning "important" or "serious."

Born On This Day: Page Hamilton, May 18, 1960

The lead singer for alternative metal band Helmet has a birthday today. Page was born in Portland, Oregon.

Today In Alternative Music History: May 18, 1980

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Ian Curtis' death. Ian was the lead singer of pioneering post punk band Joy Division. Ian Curtis hung himself, instantly ending the promising career of one band and inadvertently launching another — the equally, if not more, influential New Order.

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Alt-Rocker Quotes

This entry will focus on quotes made by alternative music artists. Here we go!!!!

"We're not really alternative. We're much weirder than alterantive."

- David Lowery, Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker

Banned! Songs That Were Specifically Banned By Radio, TV, or The Government

"The Ledge" - The Replacements

MTV refuses to air the video because MTV executives fear it may encourage teens to commit suicide.

Alias R.E.M.

Hindu Love Gods. In January 1984 R.E.M.'s instrumental axis - guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berry - teamed up with singer Bryan Cook (of Athens' Time Toy) to form this casual cover ensemble, whose local club sets consisted of a selection of glam rock covers as well as several early R.E.M. compositions that the parent band no longer performed. Hindu Love Gods also did some recording (with guest Warren Zevon on piano) at John Keane's local studio, with a pair of track - the early R.E.M. original, "Narrator" and a cover of teh Easybeats' "Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight" - eventually released by I.R.S. Records as a 1986 single. A few years later the Hindu Love Gods moniker was revived for Buck, Mills and Berry's one-album collaboration with Zevon.

R.E.M. Firsts

First Live Radio Broadcast: May 14, 1982, show at Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia broadcast on WRFG.

Naming Names: How Bands Got Their Names: U2

The band got their name from the American spy plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers, who was shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960.

News From Outside the Bubble

Global Cola: 10 Pepsi-Cola Flavors That Are Really "Way Out There." (Truly Bizzare).

9. Pepsi Ice Cucumber – Japan

This limited edition pale green tinted, cucumber-flavored Pepsi was sold in Japan in the summer of 2007 though the sheer oddness of the concept garnered it (and Pepsi) much attention in other parts of the world where it was never sold. Although no actual cucumbers were harmed, er, used in the making of Pepsi Iced Cucumber, execs at Pepsi Japan considered that omission to be beside the point. “We wanted a flavor that makes people think of keeping cool in the summer heat. We thought the cucumber was just perfect”, said one Pepsi Japan spokesman.


Sonic Boom (Peter Kember)

The Discreet Charm of Morrissey

"Lavish promotional campaigns are meant to blind audiences to the uselessness of an artist. If an artist is no good, why is it necessary to have that artist repeatedly rammed in our face?"

Word Of The Day

Promethean • \pruh-MEE-thee-un\ • adjective

: of, relating to, or resembling Prometheus, his experiences, or his art; especially : daringly original or creative
Example Sentence:
The Olympics showcase Promethean performances by athletes who are always pushing the limits of human ability.
Did you know?
As some versions of the story go in Greek mythology, Prometheus (one of the Titan giants) modeled humans from clay and then taught them agriculture and all the arts of civilization. He also stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans. So inventive was he that anything that bears the stamp of creativity and originality can still be called "Promethean." Zeus, however, had wanted the human race to perish, so Prometheus' actions were also disobedient. Hence "Promethean" can also mean defiant of authority or limits. As punishment for his disobedience, Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock where an eagle daily tore at his liver. Thus, any suffering on a grand scale can also be called Promethean -- though this sense is not as common as the others.

Phrase of The Day

I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.

Harry S Truman (1884 - 1972), in Look, Apr. 3, 1956

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Cosas Curiosas De La Vida

Solo existen tres animales con lengua azul: el perro Chow Chow, el lagarto lengua-azul y el oso negro.

La gente rubia tiene más pelo que la gente de pelo oscuro.

Las hormigas no duermen.

Word Of The Day

substantive • \SUB-stun-tiv\ • adjective

: having substance : involving matters of major or practical importance to all concerned
Example Sentence:
“There are substantive gestures available to a President that do not involve the use of force or photo ops.” (Joe Klein, Time, December 8, 2008)
Did you know?
"Substantive" was borrowed into Middle English from the Anglo-French adjective "sustentif," meaning "having or expressing substance," and can be traced back to the Latin verb "substare," which literally means "to stand under." Figuratively, the meaning of "substare" is best understood as "to stand firm" or "to hold out." Since the 14th century, we have used "substantive" to speak of that which is of enough "substance" to stand alone, or be independent. By the 19th century the word evolved related meanings, such as "enduring" and "essential." It also shares some senses with "substantial," such as "considerable in quantity."

Born On this Day: Mike Inez, May 14, 1966

The bass player for Alice In Chains has a birthday today. Mike was born in San Fernando Valley, California.

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Word of the Day

yeasty • \YEE-stee\ • adjective

1 : of, relating to, or resembling yeast
2 a : immature, unsettled* b : marked by changec : full of vitalityd : frivolous
Example Sentence:
"In that yeasty time in the mid-sixties when I went to work as a reporter in Paris, the world was about to pop." (Raymond Sokolov, Why We Eat What We Eat)
Did you know?
The word "yeast" has existed in English for as long as the language has existed. Spellings have varied over time -- in Middle English it was "yest" and in Old English "gist" or "geist" -- but the word's meaning has remained basically the same for centuries. In its first documented English uses in the 1500s, the adjective "yeasty" described people or things with a yellowish or frothy appearance similar to the froth that forms on the top of fermented beverages (such as beers or ales). Since then, a number of extended, figurative senses of "yeasty" have surfaced, all of which play in some way or another on the excitable, chemical nature of fermentation, such as by connoting unsettled activity or significant change.

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.

Today In Alternative Music History: May 10, 1970

The Stooges begin recording their classic “Fun House” album.

Today In Alternative Music History: May 10, 1977

Adam & The Ants make their debut at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts. They play a lunchtime concert.

Born On This Day: Krist Novoselic, May 10, 1965

The former bass player for Nirvana celebrates a birthday today. Krist was born in Compton, California.

Born On This Day: Bono, May 10, 1960

The lead singer for U2 has a birthday today. He was born Paul Hewson in Glasnevin, County Dublin, Ireland. Taking his professional name from a hearing aid retailer he’s known Bono Vox.

domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

The Discreet Charm of Morrissey

“Don’t forget the songs that made you cry and the songs that saved your life.”